Feed families by supporting FAM (Family At-Home Meals) image

Feed families by supporting FAM (Family At-Home Meals)

$20=1 meal for a family of 4 in Dane County

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With thousands furloughed and out of work due to COVID-19, The River has seen a rise in individuals and families needing assistance. The River continues to help, but we need your support more than ever.

You can help feed local families by supporting FAM (Family At-Home Meals) and other programs of The River.

FAM provides healthy, ready-to-eat meals for families to enjoy together in the safety of their homes. FAM helps fill the nutrition gap of our onsite community meal program, which was discontinued to keep our community safe from COVID-19. We provide balanced meals portioned to meet the needs of different family sizes with vegetarian alternatives available. Meals are available for pick-up once a week in combination with curbside groceries. FAM served 972 individuals in just its first week, a comparable statistic to the meals served pre-COVID-19.

Your generosity will help meet the increased needs of Dane County families facing food insecurity throughout the pandemic.

Thank you for considering a gift today to help keep Dane County safe, healthy and fed during one of the most difficult times our community has ever endured.

Learn more about FAM.

Because The River Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) charity, your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

When donating online, you might see a charge in your payment history as "Network For Good." This is the payment processing and donor management service we use to track and process payments. When selecting to "pay a transaction fee," you are allowing us to receive the full amount of your donation, then covering the cost of the fee that Network For Good charges. When declining this, you are still giving us a donation, but the fee comes out of the amount you pledge to us. Example - Accepted Fee: Gifting $20 to The River, you pay $20.75. Declined fee: We receive 19.25. This applies to every payment, including reoccurring payments.